Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Gay News 11/09/2010

Its been a while.. Here's an update.

The hate monger, School board director Clint McCance has retired. Not a moment to soon after his hateful speech was discovered on his facebook page. He was the focus of HRCs campaign calling for his resignation last month.

We have taken a sever beating in the polls. We lost the US house and have taken a beating in state elections across the country. The state of Maine's governors race came to a close in a tight race between independent and marriage equality advocate Elliot Cuttler, and equality foe Paul Lapage.  It is official the state of Maine will not see marriage equality in the next few years! Very sad indeed, Mr. Lapage is known for his out bursts of telling the president to go to hell. He also would like to roll back the human rights act for sexual orientation and gender identity in the state of Maine.

The supreme court refused to hear Miller vs. Jenkins read more at HRC.ORG


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