Friday, December 24, 2010

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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Don't Ask Don't Tell is in the trash!

Barack ObamaToday our president did what should have been done many may years ago! He repealed an injustice in American history. The legalization of discrimination, Don't ask Don't Tell. As he signed the stand alone bill into law I must say I cant help but feel as if this is a turning point in American history. No one can deny the queer movement is reaching a level of equality not seen before. I want to thank all of you who have worked tirelessly on this important issue!
Danny Roberts has made an impact in this area in the early years of this issue. I would like to put out a separate thank you to him.

Don't forget to call your senator and say Thank You! The ball is moving lets keep it that way! There are more mountains to move, and more hearts and minds to change! Thank you!!

Americans For "Truth"

This is a great piece on AFTAH, Of course porno Pete is calling it biased, But here is the REAL TRUTH!

Peter LaBarbera_20101220175055_JPG

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Don't Ask Don't Tell-Update!

Washington –  Well days ago it seemed the repeal of Don't ask don't tell was legislatively dead in the water. Yesterday the senate passed an identical bill to that passed in the house. This is great news on the road to repeal. President Obama has been a major champion to repeal, it is almost certain we are going to see repeal!

Thank you to all those who !have voiced there opinion to their legislators and of course I will keep you updated on this historic event

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Americans for "truth" about homosexuality- Officially listed as a hate group

Our good friends at the Southern Poverty Law Center finally listed the hateful web group Americans for "Truth" about homosexuality in their hate groups list.

Of course Porno Pete LaBarbera  is wigging out saying:

 "Technically, the SPLC would argue that AFTAH and the other groups opposed homosexuality in the wrong way, but let’s be honest: ideologically speaking, the SPLC is so deeply committed to pro-”gay” advocacy that it considers suspect any organization that opposes pro-LGBT activism. Predictably, the left-wing, pro-homosexual echo chamber is using the SPLC’s “findings” to discredit pro-family groups."

I must say I feel so bad for this dumb ass.  He fails to connect the dots, Its not about disagreeing with homosexuality, it is about pushing your hate onto others. Pete boy is known for his quoting the discredited and bigoted Paul Cameron to demonize the gay community. He is also known for his endless infatuation with pride parades and bath houses. He goes on the seen to show people the "hidden agenda" really I think he just enjoys it.

Here is a sample of his idiotic rhetoric:

"[interview with Concerned Women for America ], CWA’s Martha Kleder and I discuss the Southern Poverty Law Center’s spurious “hate” monitoring. In addition to discussing the SPLC’s lopsided “vigilance” against Christian groups while professing ignorance about obvious homosexual hate incidents, I challenge the SPLC’s “hate” criterion chastising any group that says homosexuals are disproportionately involved in child molestation. (I ask why there are so many boy victims of pedophilia if homosexual men comprise such a tiny percentage of society; I assume few boys are molested by women.) – Peter LaBarbera, "

What a bunch of bull... Go to another bathhouse and have fun petie boi

This is the shit that makes you a hater! Just embrace the fact that people in this day in age know better... Get over it ass whip!

Don't Ask Don't Tell Repeal Update

Sens. Joe Lieberman (I-CT) and Susan Collins (R-ME) introduced a "stand alone bill" for the repeal of DADT.

I have to say I lost some respect over the last vote on the defence appropriations bill. When Mrs. Collins wimped out, on our armed service members. This move has gained some of my respect back for her.

Now is the time to get this done! This "lame duck session" is coming to a close. Take this time to let your senator know! REPEAL is the only fair thing to do!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

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Prop 8 in the Ninth Circuit

The Ninth Circuit started hearing arguments yesterday in the prop 8 trail! Lets hope the panel of three judges will find proposition 8 to be exactly what it is, Unconstitutional!

The interesting part of this case is the state of California is not defending the legalized discrimination that is prop 8. It is going to be hard to show that the entities protecting the hateful law are even eligible to do so.

Check back for more updates as this historic case proceeds!

Friday, December 3, 2010

Sen. Scott Brown, R-Mass- will Support the repeal of Don't ask Don't tell law

Washington D.C.-

Sen. Scott Brown, R-Mass- will Support the repeal of Don't ask Don't tell law “accepts the findings of the report and supports repeal based on the Secretary's recommendations.” 

This just shows you how right repeal is. Mr. Brown is a very Conservative senator. The repeal of this discriminatory law is such an injustice and repeal could not happen faster. NOW is the time, it is only going to get harder during the next session.

Contact your senator today!  (202) 224-3121 Tell them to Repeal NOW!!

Civil Union bill passes Illinois Senate!

Civil Union bill passes Illinois Senate!

The Illinois state senate has passed a Civil Union bill in the great state of Illinois! The bill now awaits
Gov. Pat Quinn  signature.  The Governor is expected to sign the bill!

This Civil Union bill would allow same sex couples many of the same rights and obligations given to opposite sex couples.

The law would take effect June 1, 2010 if signed by the governor! This could be a great moment for our community. The hope being of course that one day lgbt people will be able to get married and enjoy the full spectrum of life, liberty, and justice.