Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Americans for "truth" about homosexuality- Officially listed as a hate group

Our good friends at the Southern Poverty Law Center finally listed the hateful web group Americans for "Truth" about homosexuality in their hate groups list.

Of course Porno Pete LaBarbera  is wigging out saying:

 "Technically, the SPLC would argue that AFTAH and the other groups opposed homosexuality in the wrong way, but let’s be honest: ideologically speaking, the SPLC is so deeply committed to pro-”gay” advocacy that it considers suspect any organization that opposes pro-LGBT activism. Predictably, the left-wing, pro-homosexual echo chamber is using the SPLC’s “findings” to discredit pro-family groups."

I must say I feel so bad for this dumb ass.  He fails to connect the dots, Its not about disagreeing with homosexuality, it is about pushing your hate onto others. Pete boy is known for his quoting the discredited and bigoted Paul Cameron to demonize the gay community. He is also known for his endless infatuation with pride parades and bath houses. He goes on the seen to show people the "hidden agenda" really I think he just enjoys it.

Here is a sample of his idiotic rhetoric:

"[interview with Concerned Women for America ], CWA’s Martha Kleder and I discuss the Southern Poverty Law Center’s spurious “hate” monitoring. In addition to discussing the SPLC’s lopsided “vigilance” against Christian groups while professing ignorance about obvious homosexual hate incidents, I challenge the SPLC’s “hate” criterion chastising any group that says homosexuals are disproportionately involved in child molestation. (I ask why there are so many boy victims of pedophilia if homosexual men comprise such a tiny percentage of society; I assume few boys are molested by women.) – Peter LaBarbera, www.aftah.org "

What a bunch of bull... Go to another bathhouse and have fun petie boi

This is the shit that makes you a hater! Just embrace the fact that people in this day in age know better... Get over it ass whip!

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