Wednesday, February 23, 2011

BIG news on DOMA!

 DOMA (Defense of marriage act) is a discriminatory act passed in the nineties to "protect" traditional marriage. The act created a permanent ban on the recognition of same sex couples in federal benefits and laws. There are about 1000 rights and benefits currently denied under this awful law! It also states no state need recognize other states same sex marriages.

Legally married same sex couples recently challenged the law in Massachusetts.  These couples where legally denied the rights and benefits of the federal government for no reason other then they where gay, in love, married, and the same sex! Thanks to the good folks at Gay Lesbian Advocates and Defenders they had their day in court and won!

We always expect an appeal  and that is exactly what we are seeing in this case. I was pleasantly surprised to hear the possession of the president today!

Today President Obama decided today to finally NOT defend DOMA in court any longer!  It was repulsive the last time the Department of Justice defended this law. Thank you Mr. President, now all we need to do is get you to support same sex marriage.

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