Saturday, October 16, 2010

BSA to gay dad- Sell our popcorn but don't lead the troop!!

Dallis Texas-

BSA to gay dad- Sell our popcorn you queer, but don't lead the troop!!

One has to ask in this day in age why a Boy Scout Troop would be fearful of a fathers leadership. That is exactly what Jon Langbert  is asking. He was told recently he is not going to be allowed to be a troop leader for his son's University Park Elementary troop. There reasoning is he is gay!

You really need to ask how a school district can allow a discriminatory group to operate within its district.

Please take this time to call the school district and tell them you don't think it is right! we might not be able to force the BSA to ditch its discrimination, but we can keep them from using space provided with tax paying dollars!

They can be reached at:

University Park Elementary
3505 Amherst Ave
Dallas, TX 75225
(214) 780-3400 

If the Boy Scouts operate in your school district call your school board members!  

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