Monday, October 11, 2010

Where in the world did "Hater Heath" go?

As the battle in Maine over same sex marriage was raging,  Mike Heath was no where to be found. For those of you who are not familiar with Mr. Heath, he is the (anti-gay bigot) former leader of the Maine Family Policy Council (Christian Civic league of Maine). After his embarrassing loss during the referendum over the inclusion of sexual orientation and transgendered individuals into the Maine human rights act many things changed for Mike.

He became more hateful and bitter, who would have thought that could be possible. After failing to collect adequate signatures for his referendum for hate in Maine he began to keep a low profile. His referendum would have written the elimination of established anti-discrimination rights for gay/trans people, limit adoption, and eliminate domestic partnership benefits for the queer community (among other things). The people in Maine would not have it!

Shortly after his dismal failure, the Christian Civic League changed their name to the Maine Family Policy Council. The name change didn't help them much.

Poor Mikey Boy found every right wing hate group in the state of Maine Distancing themselves from him. I felt so bad for the poor little bigot... NOT. The only influential people to stay close to Mike were people like porno Pete. He was not welcomed into the debate like he was so used to. So he resigned and you really hear nothing much coming from this group at all now.

So in February of 2010 Mike announced he was joining the American Family Association. He planed a boycott of a few businesses that sponsored a few floats at the local pride parade and started a web site. Now you cant find his site... no one heard about his big boycott, and yet again "Hater Heath" failed. Did Mikey loss his flame?

So I ask this Where did the hater go? I don't know but I am sure glad he is gone!

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